Not a Boomerang by Michael J. Fox Foundation

2017 marked the 200th anniversary of Parkinson's, a disorder that millennials consider an old person's disease. So, Instagram and the Michael J.Fox Foundation joined hands and used the format of the most famous online motion-based feature, Boomerang, to educate millennials about Parkinson's initial motion-based symptoms.

Print My Protest by ArjoWiggins

A Facebook status printing movement that empowers protests to make people realize the power of paper in today's digital age.

Re-Log In Change by Facebook

Over a third of eligible Americans are not registered to vote. They simply don't take the effort to go to the ballot boxes. Which is why, devised a method to bring the polling booths to their fingertips.

#PresstoDestress - Personal Project

Two immigrants covering bad news with bubble wrap to help America de-stress in 2017.


Exhibited at NY'S Immigrants & Exile Art Showcase
Created in collaboration with: Pritika Mathur

Mumbai Mid-Day Front Page
Press to Destress

Trending Artifacts

A long copy campaign for Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai wherein the antiques write long social posts on trending topics in order to garner attention.


Art Director: Dhruv Bahal
Mentor: Hayden Scott

long copy

Adult Easy by Sonnet

Sonnet is Canada's first fully-online home and auto insurance designed for millennials. They wanted to break away from the traditional insurance advertising approach and reach out to millennials during their big life moments. Their most important criteria while doing so was to sound fresh and protect their customers' optimism. Here's what we did.


Art Director: Johanna Laleh

We Love Ad Ads of Brands Coloribus Ads of the World Hello You Creative

Masters in Mubi

Converting regular binge movie watching into an academic certified course in movie critiquing on MUBI.


Art Director: Katie Burleson